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  • Meraki VPN Client ? - The Meraki Community
    Re: Meraki VPN Client ? One of my biggest problems with using the built in L2TP over IPSec client in Windows (which is what you need to use for the user to site VPN client) was the pain in setting up the clients
  • Figuring Out What Bothers Me About Wi-Fi and “Analytics . . .
    RT @yatznet: @wirednot Laser measure is a must have, also just used Google maps with satellite view to measure a building width for a floor… 1 hour ago; RT @EmperorWiFi: @wirednot Google Earth very useful in planning PTP PTMP links as well as for predictive designs for outdoor Wi-Fi (eg park…
  • Lee Badman (@wirednot) | Twitter
    @wirednot Outdated InfoSec policies sometimes tie your hands and another issue knowing your SAN team has taken out storage twice in two years will make you decide an on site hardware appliance is your only option
  • Loving Meraki Client VPN For Remote Administration | wirednot
    9 thoughts on “ Loving Meraki Client VPN For Remote Administration ” Pingback: Newsletter: October 3, 2015 | Notes from MWhite jim March 3, 2016 at 12:35 pm OMG that looks like a pain in the ass I guess for a small environment this would work, but management is oddly years behind Cisco’s ASA platform and anyconnect
  • Tracing a client IP on a Meraki NAT SSID - The Meraki . . .
    Re: Tracing a client IP on a Meraki NAT SSID @DCooper That "common problem" documentation may explain a mystery that popped up yesterday My MX100 security center said two retrospective malware detections occurred yesterday
  • Cisco Meraki MX, SD-WAN and Security at the Branch, a . . .
    Learn more about the recent @Meraki product announcements in the latest edition of #CiscoChampionRadio with #CiscoChampion hosts @ntwrk80 and @wirednot #Meraki All of Cisco
  • Wireless Client Isolation - Cisco Meraki
    Overview Wireless Client Isolation is a security feature that prevents wireless clients from communicating with one another This feature is useful for guest and BYOD SSIDs adding a level of security to limit attacks and threats between devices connected to the wireless networks
  • Client Balancing - Cisco Meraki
    Overview Client Balancing uses information about the state of the network and wireless client probes to steer the client to the best available access point during association

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